The core problem we face in our system of governance is that the vast majority of people in California simply do not think, feel, or believe that we are being directly represented by our elected officials. The manner in which we are indirectly represented is not one we agree with when faced with the laws passed year in and year out that do not address the real concerns of the people who voted them into office. When the government marginalizes its people, it becomes the collective duty of the people to rise up and champion our basic divine gift of “FREE WILL!” What we are proposing is not a "have your cake and eat it too" solution! Our petition process is not serving the average voter at all when it is supposed to be our collective way to exercise accountability and foster a more inclusive system of governance. The current petition system fails to deliver this basic functionality, making it no longer safe or effective, especially when it was shut down entirely during the Covid-19 pandemic. Having a large portion of our elections system not working, the portion where we are supposed to be able to represent ourselves by bringing our proposals directly to the voters, is nothing less than an abuse of our rights that never has to happen again, and we intend to fix it!

Join us and help us put the Mother of ALL Solutions on the 2024 Statewide Ballot, where California voters can decide if "FREE WILL" is best left in the hands of our elected officials alone—where God knows who they really serve—or if CA citizens want to have a say beyond the ballot vote that put them in office! Making electronic signature gathering legal turns on the petition process, making it safe and effective. This, in turn, activates the existing Initiative, Referendum, and Recall System designed to balance out voting under State Law, which reads:

"The California Constitution Article II - Voting, Initiative and Referendum, and Recall SECTION 1. All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for their protection, security, and benefit, and they have the right to alter or reform it when the public good may require."

Can any of us afford to continue to let our constitutional right to petition go unused as voters, and instead, allow special interests to control the legislative process, which is slowly eroding our paychecks, savings, assets, and family values as we become more dependent on an elite corporate and political establishment just to survive? Our laws are meant to help us thrive, and our elected officials have lost sight of that fundamental part of their job. It's time we reminded them of it, and this is how we use our laws to do it!

This is your chance to help us all say, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, NO MORE!"


California's public education system is facing significant challenges, with many children struggling to access higher education due to the lack of government funding and scholarships. The current funding system often places children last, and elected officials lack a solution to address these issues. Additionally, California has overflowing landfills with increasing garbage expenses, contributing to a pollution problem. The current state plan is to separate out organic waste to profit more from organic waste, but this approach has not been successful.

To address these issues, a unique financing system has been developed to offset these costs without burdening taxpayers. The Aerobic Bioreactor System, an advanced technology to eliminate methane gas emissions from landfills, has been patented and patented in California. This innovative solution uses private investors to implement landfill projects, allowing hundreds of landfills to utilize the new technology. The financing mechanism activates the Carbon Offset and Carbon Credit tools used in the California Cap and Trade system, which are currently not applied to landfill operations due to claims that they cannot measure methane gas.

The consortium of businesses that own the technology also want to manage the financial relationship with investors, leveraging revenues from the carbon credit system related to landfills emitting fewer methane gasses. The Carbon Market is further optimized by linking it to blockchain technology, making it more viable and sustainable as secure and reliable sources of financial revenue. The financial model allocates 5% funding for each local municipality's school system and 5% for children's higher education accounts, placed in newly established California State Treasury Funds dedicated to directly covering their costs.

California politicians do not have answers to these problems, and they do not want us to go around them to fix these issues. However, solutions like ours are available, and we are the only solution available. To fund our children's education properly and implement real environmental solutions, this proposal must be put on the ballot for all California voters to decide. Rejecting this proposal means accepting underfunded education for our children and allowing landfills to continue down a path of negligence and unmanageable pollution. Your support means sharing, donating, signing our petition, and voting yes for our children at the ballot box.

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our goals

Modernize Initiative Referendum and Recall

Make electronic signature gathering legal for all levels of legal petition circulation as it relates to initiative, referendum and recall qualification.

Modernize California’s Outdated Landfills

Modernize California’s landfill’s by mandating them to apply the novel Aerobic Bioreactor Technology that eliminates 95% of emissions!

Legalize Electronic, Online Ballot Voting System

Combine hard copy record keeping with the efficiency of technology, giving voters the ability to verify our "voter intent" is intact throughout the ballot voting process.

Support Children’s Higher Educational Accounts

Help support California’s children’s higher educational accounts via landfill modernization processes.

Initiate Merit-Based Educational Grant System

Initiate a fund (supported by landfill processes) that rewards students grants to pursue curricular and co-curricular activities

Secure Our Children’s Future In All Ways Possible

Make our children financially and academically educated and build a better future for them and generations to come.



  • Sign petitions directly with the CA SOS on their new website!
  • View pro and con arguments like we get in our voter brochures!
  • View an ongoing tally of signatures keeping the count transparent!
  • Requires our electronic signature to be "deemed affixed and treated as our pen and paper signature!" (very important!)
  • Gives PDF download and paper signing option!
  • Turns on electronic signature gathering for all levels of state and local government, which means every elected official is subject to instant recall qualification, and we as voters can have the much needed oversight when it comes to changing, making, or removing, city and county ordinances all the way up to state statutory laws and CA Constitutional Amendments!
  • Cost for all of this is much less than we spend trying to use these processes with the pen and paper rules still in place!
  • Restores having a healthy debate over the solutions we can present to each other without having to be legislatively censored by our own elected officials!
  • Gives every CA voting citizen a way to represent themselves with a truly functional and legal proposal system!
  • Modernizes our elections and political oversight abilities to match what we have in literally every other aspect of our lives!


  • The online voting system will be integrated into the current voting methods: walk-up, absentee, and mail-in ballot voting.
  • In the first two years, the online voting technology will be implemented. This will allow registered users to vote using secure, registered, and uniform voting kiosks at polling locations.
  • At the four-year mark, remote voting will be allowed via a dedicated intranet server, using unique programming and a dedicated pathway for voting needs.
  • Ballot submission will be instantly converted into a hard copy record and distributed to three entities: the county registrar, Secretary of State, and a third-party organization. These records will be kept on paper, CD, microfiche, or other approved hard copy formats.
  • Voters will receive a paper receipt from the kiosk or an encrypted email receipt, allowing them to confirm that their ballot was received, counted, and accurately reflects their voting intentions.
  • The system will include measures for audits and transparency to publicly show how it operates.
  • The system will have three layers of voter verification: logging in with a state ID and last four digits of their social security number, a two-point verification process, and an electronic signature.
  • This system offers an optional identity verification process for voters who want to ensure their identity is recognized when they cast their vote.
  • Voters will still have the option to use the traditional vote-by-mail or walk-up voting methods. These methods will also serve as a fallback option if problems arise with the new system.
  • This modernized system will enable over 22 million voters to verify that their voting intent remains intact, thus improving ballot box integrity.


  • The proposal aims to address the role of landfills in contributing to methane emissions, a major factor in climate change and rising sea levels.
  • It recognizes the need for modernizing landfills in California to reduce methane releases and combat climate change effectively.
  • Traditional financing sources may not be sufficient to cover the substantial costs of landfill modernization, hence the proposal suggests alternative funding mechanisms.
  • The NGD Consortium is presented as a solution to the funding issue, utilizing blockchain technology to tokenize landfill projects and generate capital.
  • The proposal acknowledges the financial limitations that hinder young adults from pursuing higher education and aims to provide relief by creating educational accounts through the nonprofit arm of the NGD Consortium, Communities For Education.
  • The legislative measure seeks to self-generate capital for landfill modernization and provide supplemental funding for education in California.
  • It introduces a new chapter in the Public Resources Code, known as the California Adopted Landfill Modernization to Support Education Act—A Tax Free Carbon Neutrality Plan (CALMSEA-TaxFreeCNP)
  • RThe proposal outlines definitions and terms related to landfill management, including aerobic landfill bioreactor systems (ALBS), cells, departments, landfills, local jurisdictions, state boards, and units.
  • It calls for the adoption of regulations by the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery to reduce methane emissions and replace anaerobic landfill management procedures with ALBS technology.
  • The funding mechanisms for landfill compliance outlined in the proposal include carbon credits, embedded finance, banking as a service, blockchains, crowdfunding, and cap-and-trade markets under the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.


VOTE4KIDS emphasizes the vital importance of education and financial literacy for children, whilst championing environmental stewardship through waste management initiatives and forestation projects. Simultaneously, we contribute to children's education accounts to ensure their bright futures. VOTE4KIDS is a thriving community advocating for a governance model that prioritizes the needs of our children, securing their wellbeing for generations yet to come.

Net0Air helps by providing landfills facilities that perpetually eliminate carbon emissions and solid waste while funding the educational accounts of your children. It is a 501(c)4 relentlessly working towards establishing a system that leverages help from tied industries that solve our waste problem and supports your children. Net0Air works toward making modern landfills sustainable by utilizing aerobic bioreactor technology.

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